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Osmiler manual

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How to assemble sonic electric toothbrush

Insert the brush head downward into the connecting shaft of the body. There will be a gap (about 0.3-1.2mm) between the body and the brush head after insertion.This is the buffer distance reserved for the vibrating motor.

How to charge the toothbrush?

Connect the handle to the charging cable and plug in the Type-c charger for charging. When charging, the host machine cannot be started. If charging is in operation, the host machine will be shut down;

• During charging, the indicator light is white

• After being fully charged, the white light is steady on for 30 seconds and then off

• Charging time ≥4 hours

How to upload music
· Connect the USB port of the type-C charging port at the bottom of the toothbrush with the type-C data cable attached in the package, and the indicator light is on
· Once connected to the computer, the removable disk option (15.8 MB) will appear in the computer folder
· Copy selected mp3 format music to removable disk (keep music file size within 3-5mb)

How to maintain toothbrush well?
  1.  Clean the brush head: clean the brush head and bristles after each use, and air-dry naturally. Do not pull the bristles. This will deform the bristles and cause them to fall off.
  2. Clean the body: clean the handle surface with water, and use a soft cloth scrub, natural air-dry. Do not use sharp objects to press the rubber seal on the metal shaft, or it may cause damage.
  3.  Clean the charger: use a soft cloth to wipe the stains. Before cleaning the charger, be sure to unplug the power plug from the outlet. Wipe the surface of the charger with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly before use.
  4.  Replace the brush head: Professional Dentists recommend replacing the brush head every 2-3 months for the best results.
Who can use a electric toothbrush?
  1.  People with sensitive mouths: ①people who have just undergone oral and periodontal surgery or are being treated;
  2.  people who have other symptoms in the mouth, including dentures not firm or gums continue to bleed, etc. ;
  3. Other sensitive oral vulnerable groups.
  4. It is not recommended to use this product, unless consult a professional dentist before using this product.
  5.  This product is not suitable for persons with disabilities, mental illness or inexperienced persons [ including children (0-12 years old)] unless under the supervision of their guardians.
  6. Osmiler’s all electric toothbrushes (adult type) are recommended for users of or above the age of 12.
How long does the battery last?

A fully charged toothbrush will provide enough electricity to brush twice a day for two weeks.

Warranty and Support

How long is the warranty period for this product?Osmiler guarantees that within one year of the date of purchase, if can provide convincing proof of purchase, defects caused by material and manufacturing process will then be repaired or replaced at Osmiler’s (including Osmiler’s retailers and distributors) expense. Osmiler recommends using a real osmiller brush head for best results. Using other brush head can damage your toothbrush and limit your warranty service. Contact your local retailer and distributor or email Come to obtain warranty services.

Which parts are not covered by the warranty?

Contents not covered by warranty:

  • Brush head.

  • Damage caused by using unauthorized replacement parts or unauthorized brush heads.

  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration or unauthorized repair.

  • Normal wear and tear, including debris, scratches, scrapes, discoloration or fading.

  • Proof of purchase has been altered, defaced or removed.

Problems in toothbrush using


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