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Luo Xiaohei’s Adventure of Filling Teeth


Positive growth.

People really need to cherish and take care of their teeth. Don’t wait until you lose them to learn how to cherish them.

Some understand that it must be gained through loss. It will make people feel heartbroken and regret the past.

The sun setting through a dense forest.
Wind turbines standing on a grassy plain, against a blue sky.

For example, the adventure of Luo Xiaohei’s dental filling this time.

Luo Xiaohei never expected such a day to come. Although her teeth are usually ugly and not very neat, she still makes do with it.

Although my teeth were fine yesterday, suddenly one morning, my teeth seemed to trigger a start switch, and the magic began to rotate. As a result, my teeth hurt deeply. It is said that toothache is fatal. It sounds like this statement is exaggerated, but when the pain comes to me, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration at all. Luo Xiaohei is in no mood to work because of the toothache. It’s not easy to ask for leave. Now, even if I make an appointment with the dental doctor at the hospital now, I have to wait until tomorrow to get a number.

Just the thought of having a long night and sleeping at night, how can one sleep!

The pain began to make Luo Xiaohei reflect on what he had done to his teeth in the past. Originally, he had a good set of teeth, without cavities, and they were all neat. He didn’t know when he started to like sweet things, which were so addictive. Sweet things, such as candy, cake, ice cream, and all sugary foods, made him addicted. However, he didn’t like brushing his teeth very much and thought it was a waste of time and troublesome. When he was young, he reluctantly took his toothbrush and brushed it twice because he had no choice but to be coerced by his parents.

Otherwise, he would have been lazy if he could. Brushing was also to deal with his parents. When he was young, his family urged him, but when he reached adulthood, without parental supervision, he let himself go and did whatever he wanted. He wouldn’t brush his teeth if he didn’t want to.

Therefore, he changed his toothbrush every three months. Sometimes, he couldn’t even get a new toothbrush once a year. Looking back now, it used to be so enjoyable and convenient not to brush his teeth, but now it is

I really regret it. If I had taken good care of my teeth back then, I wouldn’t be in this situation now. To fix a tooth, not only does it cost thousands of dollars, but you also have to endure the torturous pain and not be able to eat what you want happily.

The next day, lying on the hospital recliner, although the doctor gave his teeth two anesthetics, but in the face of the doctor’s cold instruments and tools in his mouth, he could not help but shed tears of regret and pain again. Yes, from this experience, Luo Xiaohei secretly swore that he must brush his teeth well, brush his teeth seriously, and buy a good toothbrush to cherish and take care of his teeth. Not only that, but also urge future children to brush their teeth well and take care of their teeth.

Because some teeth, after being pulled out, will never grow back. Some things, don’t wait until you lose them to regret.

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